Who Is The Father Of Connectivism Theory

Who is the father of connectivism theory?

George Siemens developed Connectivism Learning Theory by mapping out his eight guiding principles: Learning and knowledge rest in a diversity of opinions. Perspectives from a variety of sources deepen our understanding. Learning is a process of connecting.

Who came up with the connectionism learning theory?

Edward Thorndike (1874-1949) was an American psychologist who investigated learning. Through his work, Thorndike developed a theory of connectionism.

What is the new learning theory of connectivism?

A relatively recent learning theory called connectivism suggests that students should gather ideas, theories, and general knowledge from different sources but combine them correctly.

Who are the major theorist associated with connectivism?

Psychologist Jean Piaget developed the first cognitive psychology theories in the 1930s from his work with infants and young children.

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