Who Founded Aa

Who founded AA?

In 1935, the recognized start of AA, Bill Wilson (Bill W.) first commiserated alcoholic-to-alcoholic with Bob Smith (Dr. Bob). Meeting through AA’s immediate precursor the Christian revivalist Oxford Group, they and other alcoholics fellowshipped there until forming what became AA.

How many AA groups are there worldwide?

There are more than 123,000 A.A. groups around the world and A.A.’s literature has been translated into over 100 languages.

Who wrote Living Sober AA?

Living Sober was written by AA member Barry Leach and first published in 1975 by AA World Services with an update involving slight changes in 2012. Leach is said to have gathered information for the book by asking for input from many AA members who had long-term sobriety.

What religion is AA based on?

It is a common misconception that Alcoholics Anonymous is a religious-based or Christian organization, but that is not the case. In fact, a fundamental principle of A.A. is that the Fellowship is not affiliated with any religion, nor is it allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution.

Who wrote the 12 steps of AA?

Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, the two men who founded AA in 1935, drew their inspiration for the Twelve Steps from the Oxford Group.

Does AA exist in India?

AA is an International Fellowship of more than 2 million recovering alcoholics throughout the world. In India, there are about 40,000 members. They meet in over 1,500 local meetings spread around the country.

Is AA a religious?

A lot of people who try Alcoholics Anonymous – or even those who don’t but have heard of it – think it is a religious organisation. That is not true. AA is not affiliated to any religion or anything else for that matter. It is a series of self-governing self-help groups.

Does AA exist in the UK?

Membership is estimated between 33,000 and 40,000 in Great Britain. There are over 3 million attendances at AA Meetings per annum. The current headquarters of AA Great Britain is based in York, having relocated from London in 1986.

Is living sober AA approved literature?

B-7 Living Sober This practical booklet demonstrates through simple examples how A.A. members throughout the world live and stay away from that first drink one day at a time. Covers topics such as attending events where alcohol is served, relationships in sobriety and much more. General Service Conference-approved.

How many pages are in the book living sober?

Publisher ‎AA World Services; 1st edition (February 10, 2002)
Language ‎English
Paperback 87 pages
ISBN-10 ‎0916856046
ISBN-13 ‎978-0916856045

What book of the Bible is AA based on?

This comprehensive history discusses the biblical sources from which A.A.’s founders said they obtained their recovery ideas–focusing particularly on the Sermon on the Mount, 1 Corinthians 13, and the Book of James.

What is the atheist version of AA?

There is a sect of Alcoholics Anonymous specifically for agnostics, freethinkers, and atheists. They even published a book called The History of Agnostics in AA. AA Agnostica and Secular AA are two groups promoting the religion-free version of AA.

Can an atheist benefit from AA?

Even for atheists and agnostics, AA meetings can provide a variety of psychological and behavioral benefits. AA members can fight off any residual feelings of isolation from their addictive disorders as well as ward off its resurgence in recovery by either simply attending or even sharing at meetings.

Is there an atheist version of AA?

There are a number of groups within AA that are not religious in their thinking or practice. These groups don’t recite prayers at the beginning or end of their meetings, nor do they suggest that a belief in God is required to get sober or to maintain sobriety.

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