What Other Name Would You Give A Former Pupil

What other name would you give a former pupil?

On this page, you’ll find 17 similar words, such as alum, alumna, alumnus, doctor, graduate, and recipient. The Latin word for student that inspired the English word alumnus is student. This term has historically been used to describe male students because its Latin root is masculine.

What is the term “student” in old English?

Students (n. Its Old English name was leorningcild student, disciple. In American English, the term student-teacher refers to a teacher-in-training who works in a classroom under the direction of a head teacher. The term pupil-teacher first appeared in 1838. Students is a noun as stated above.The Latin root of the word student is student-em, the present participle of the verb studre, which means to be eager, zealous, or diligent in one’s study.

In plain English, what is a student?

A person who attends school in order to learn something is a student. In addition to being people who attend school, such as children, teenagers, or adults, students can also be those who are learning elsewhere, such as in a college or university. A mature student is someone who starts their studies at a university or college several years after graduating from high school, making them older than most of the other students they are taking classes with.A student is a person who is not currently employed full-time, registered full-time in a degree-granting program (undergraduate or graduate) at an institution of higher learning, and who meets the requirements of that program.

What do you refer to as a diligent student?

Bookish adjectives include contemplative, diligent, earnest, industrious, reflective, thoughtful, academic, assiduous, bookworm, busy, careful, eager, grubbing, hard-working, intellectual, learned, lettered, meditative, sedulous. Synonyms include knowledgeable, well-informed, versed, well-read, well-versed, familiar, abreast, acquainted, up to date, up, and experienced. Adjective sense: educated. Synonyms include educated, well-educated, learned, scholarly, well-read, erudite, well-schooled, and trained.Astute, brainy, bright, brilliant, imaginative, inventive, creative, perceptive, rational, resourceful, smart, well-informed, wise, able, acute, alert, aliveā€”all there.There are 150 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to intelligent on this page, including astute, brainy, bright, brilliant, creative, and imaginative.

What qualities best describe a good student?

A good student can be characterized in a number of ways. Working diligently, turning in assignments on time, being engaged in class discussions, and receiving good grades are some examples of common expressions. Effective students work diligently to gain understanding. They talk to people, read more, study more, and carry around information they don’t understand, thinking about it before they sleep, at the gym, on the way to work, and occasionally when they should be listening to others. Successful students are tenacious.Few things may come to students naturally, but the majority of knowledge is gained through effort. Good students are willing to put in the time to seek out and discover information. Persistent students are good learners. They resist giving up easily.A good student always tries his hardest and seeks out new information. He humblelly absorbs the lessons from his errors rather than making excuses.Have a student’s mindset; you are never too smart to ask questions or too experienced to learn something new. Learning never stops. If you have a teacher, you are always a learner. To question is one of a student’s most crucial qualities.Amazing problem-solvers who are able to ask for assistance are great learners. These individuals assist others in their endeavors and assist others in their endeavors. Excellent students don’t let the institution define them. Despite taking their education seriously, they challenge categorizations and chart their own courses.

What do you call a clever student?

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