What Learning Theory Is Used In Online Learning

What learning theory is used in online learning?

In online learning, connectivism theory can be applied by designing learning experiences that promote networked learning and digital literacy. For example, online social networks and communities of practice can provide learners with opportunities to connect with others who share their interests and learning goals.

What is the connectivism learning theory approach?

Connectionism is a learning theory that explains learning as a result of connections between stimuli and responses. A stimulus is a specific occurrence that spurs action, and a response is a reaction. In connectionism, learning is often visible and apparent.

How does connectivism view the role of teachers in the digital age?

Connectivism shifts the learning responsibilities from the teacher to the student. It’s up to the learner to create their own learning experience. The role of the educator then becomes to “create learning ecologies, shape communities, and release learners into the environment” (Siemens, 2003).

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