What Is The Ancient Word For Care

What is the ancient word for care?

From Middle English care, from Old English caru, ċearu (“care, concern, anxiety, sorrow, grief, trouble”), from Proto-West Germanic *karu, from Proto-Germanic *karō (“care, sorrow, cry”), from Proto-Indo-European *ǵeh₂r- (“shout, call”).

What is the Latin word for support?

auxilium : aid, help, assistance, support.

What is the meaning of care in Latin?

Latin Translation. curae. More Latin words for care. cura noun. cure, pains, concern, treatment, charge.

What is the Latin word for treat?

Treat comes from the Latin word tractare, meaning “to drag about,” “to handle,” or “to deal with”; the English word tract meaning “a pamphlet of political or religious propaganda” comes directly from this root. Other cousins of tract in English make the family resemblance with treat quite clear: treaty and treatise.

What is the Greek word for care?

Acedia comes from a combination of the negative prefix a- and the Greek noun kēdos, meaning care, concern, or grief. (The Greek word akēdeia became acedia in Late Latin, and that spelling was retained in English.)

What is a strong word for care?

  • attention.
  • carefulness.
  • effort.
  • pains.
  • precision.
  • heed.
  • meticulousness.
  • conscientiousness.

What is the Latin word for gratitude?

Gratitude comes from the Latin word “gratus” meaning “thankful” or “pleasing.” Being grateful is a feeling of appreciation for acts of kindness and thankfulness for what we have, such as supportive friends, family, coworkers, pets and service animals, fulfilling careers, and good health.

What is Latin word as a favor?

Gratis comes from the Latin word for favor; so in English a party favor is a small item given gratis to everyone attending a party. Gratis is used as both an adjective (The drinks were gratis) and an adverb (Drinks were served gratis).

What is the Latin word for hope?

Spes is the latin word for hope, Spe is the ablative form of Spes thus by hope alone.

What is the old Latin word for health?

valetudo : health. good health, bad health.

What is Latin definition love?

amor, amoris affection. Cupid. love. sexual/illicit/homosexual passion.

What is the Latin word for home care?

The term “domiciliary” comes from the Latin word “Domus”, meaning “home.” The term domiciliary care is an umbrella term used for a range of care services. Domiciliary care will be used by professionals such as social workers or medical professionals.

What is a deeper word for caring?

Synonyms of caring having or showing concern for the well-being of others There are many caring people in the community. compassionate. benevolent. helpful. sympathetic.

What is the Bible word for care?

Another Greek word for care is melo. It, too, can denote anxiety or earnest concern, depending on the context. In 1 Peter 5:7 both the verb melo and the noun merimna [mevrimna] are used: Cast all your anxiety (merimna [mevrimna]) on him, because he cares (melo [ejpimelw’]) for you (NRSV).

What is the old Greek word for health?

Another common example of a human hexis in Aristotle is health (hugieia, or sometimes eu(h)exia, in Greek) and in cases where hexis is discussed in the context of health, it is sometimes translated as constitution.

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