What Is Synonym Of Strive

What is synonym of strive?

Some common synonyms of strive are attempt, endeavor, essay, and try. While all these words mean to make an effort to accomplish an end, strive implies great exertion against great difficulty and specifically suggests persistent effort. continues to strive for peace.

What is the synonym of strife?

Some common synonyms of strife are conflict, contention, discord, dissension, and variance. While all these words mean a state or condition marked by a lack of agreement or harmony, strife emphasizes a struggle for superiority rather than the incongruity or incompatibility of the persons or things involved.

What is mean by striving?

to try very hard to do something or to make something happen, especially for a long time or against difficulties: [ + to infinitive ] Mr Roe has kindled expectations that he must now strive to live up to.

What is the antonym of shortness?

antonyms: longness. the property of being of long spatial extent. type of: length. the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longest dimension of something that is fixed in place. the property of being of short temporal extent.

Is strive a synonym for aspire?

On this page you’ll find 45 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to aspire, such as: crave, pursue, strive, yearn, desire, and dream.

What is the root word for strive?

Etymology 1 From Middle English striven (“to strive”), from Old French estriver (“to compete, quarrel”), from Frankish *strīban (“to exert, make an effort”) from Proto-Germanic *strībaną, or from Frankish *stribēn (“to strive”) from Proto-Germanic *stribāną.

What is the best antonym for strife?

  • harmony.
  • peace.
  • calm.
  • conformity.
  • truce.
  • unity.
  • success.
  • victory.

What is the meaning of strive and strife?

Like its Old French source, the original meaning of the English noun strife and the English verb strive had to do with an argument or quarrel. But the verb strive has lost that earlier sense, and now means to try hard to do or achieve something. Definitions of strife. bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension.

What is the antonym of loneliness?

Antonym #1: Companionship Companionship may be the closest that we get to a direct opposite of loneliness.

Is striving good or bad?

Healthy striving is setting realistic goals for yourself. Your standards are high but realistic. Achievement is possible. Perfectionism is feeling bad about yourself when those standards are not met, or that outcome is not achieved.

What is the difference between strive and try?

TRY: make an attempt or effort to do something. STRIVE: make great efforts to achieve or obtain something; struggle or fight vigorously.

Is strive positive or negative?

Striving can indeed be a desirable quality, one that nourishes the heart and mind. But it can also be a negative quality, one that makes us feel rushed, scattered, and takes us out of the present moment.

What is Bravity?

bravity (uncountable) (nonstandard, proscribed, rare) Synonym of braveness quotations ▼

What is mean by obtuse?

: lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid. He is too obtuse to take a hint.

What is the opposite of breath?

antonyms: breathe out, exhale, expire. expel air.

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