What Is A Word For Better Than You

What is a word for better than you?

Peerless, unparalleled, and unequalled are all formal ways of saying that someone or something the best person or thing of its type.

What can I say instead of get better?

  • come round.
  • get better.
  • mend.
  • overcome.
  • pull through.
  • recuperate.
  • shake off.
  • survive.

What is a word for make you better?

  • alleviate.
  • ameliorate.
  • correct.
  • improve.
  • mend.
  • rectify.
  • redress.
  • rehabilitate.

What is the correct word for better?

better adverb (GREATER DEGREE) to a greater degree, or in a more suitable, pleasing, or satisfactory way; comparative ofwell: The next time he took the test, he was better prepared. I like this jacket much better than the brown one. She knows her way around the college better than I do.

What does better you than me mean?

idiom mainly UK (US usually better you than me) Add to word list Add to word list. said by someone who does not want to do the thing that someone else is doing: I’m having two teeth out next week. Rather you than me.

What is mean by superiority?

superiority noun [U] (BETTER) the fact that one person or thing is better, stronger, etc. than another: superiority over The Australian team soon demonstrated their superiority over the opposition.

What is wishing you well meaning?

: to hope that someone does well or succeeds.

How do you use getting better?

  1. After the ceasefire, the situation in the capital got better.
  2. She’s getting much better at pronouncing English words.
  3. The technology is getting better all the time.
  4. The situation will probably get worse before it gets better.
  5. As time went on, things gradually got better.

Can I use more better?

Because the comparative form of good is better, you can’t say more better. So then, you can say She’s much better than he is (or in very rare cases She’s much more good than he is) but She’s much more better than he is is incorrect. I hope this helps.

Should I use better in a sentence?

Examples of better in a Sentence Adjective Her second book is better than her first one. This one is no better than that one. She’s a better golfer than I am.

Is it proper to say way better?

This is the adverbial use of “way” to mean “much” or “far.” It is not incorrect to say that something is way better or that you have way more of something, but it is not formal.

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