What Is A Suitable Sentence For Treasure

What is a suitable sentence for treasure?

She knew the hidden treasure was right here. The house was big and filled with priceless works of art. Her memories of those happy times are something she treasures. His rock record collection is his greatest treasure. A few treasures have occasionally been found, but many more remain undiscovered. Here, Live Science examines a few of these undiscovered lost treasures. Although some of these treasures have probably been destroyed, others might still be present and one day be found.It is a treasure that cannot be purchased. You acquire it and earn it through your labor of love. The knowledge that will help you succeed in life, grow in power, and command respect is therefore the true gem.Treasure is a collection of priceless antique items that have been lost or hidden, like gold coins and jewels.She has a strong desire to possess all of the world’s gems and treasures. She also works as a part-time government agent.

What does a treasure look like?

Typically, the word treasure conjures up images of riches like gold, jewels, and doubloons, the kind of things found in pirates’ treasure chests. However, you can also cherish items that have only sentimental value, such as your pet rock or your favorite blanket. Kids’ Definition of a treasure. No. Treasurable wealth is wealth that has been saved up or held in reserve, such as cash, jewelry, or precious metals.Great and treasure are defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary by Cambridge University Press.I don’t know what I would have done without Lizzie when I was ill; she was an absolute treasure. PERSON) someone who is extremely helpful and valuable to you.When you value something you possess, you carefully maintain it because it brings you great pleasure and you believe it to be very special. She treasures her memories of those happy times. VERB noun] Synonyms include prize, value, worship, and esteem.

What does the word treasure mean in English?

Tales about pirates frequently feature a hunt for hidden treasure. They discovered treasure beyond their wildest dreams when they opened the tomb. Objects are considered treasure under the current definition if they are discovered to be older than 300 years, made of gold or silver, or discovered with artifacts made of precious metals. Along with collections of coins, treasure also refers to ancient metalwork.Treasure does exist, and some people have become extremely wealthy as a result. Here are 25 actual instances of lost wealth, some of which have been discovered and yielded millions or even billions in rewards, while others have remained undiscovered.Treasure can be discovered anywhere, including your backyard, the flea market, your town, and far-flung locales. You never know when you might come across a lost treasure, an undiscovered fortune, or an antiquated artifact. Find your site location and previous search activity by doing some research. Don’t forget to bring your metal detector and shovel.Any human work of art that is not an antiquity and is determined by the Central Government to be an art treasure for the purposes of this Act based on its artistic or aesthetic value is referred to as an art treasure.Gold, silver, paper money, rare comic books, baseball cards, and other valuable objects can all be considered to be precious treasures. It’s not necessary to bury the treasure, he said. Simply having been misplaced, lost, or abandoned is sufficient, as long as the ownership is unknown.

How does one spell out treasure?

God gives each of us gifts, including treasure gifts like money and possessions. Treasure noun (VALUABLE THINGS). We are encouraged to accept our gifts of treasure with gratitude as disciples of Christ, to cherish and care for them in a responsible and accountable manner, to share them in justice and love, and to return them with an increase.It is nicer to think sweet, lovely thoughts and to treasure them in one’s heart. I don’t like it when people stare at them or make fun of them. Whoever has God as his treasure has everything in one. Remember that your treasure can be found there, wherever your heart is.Furthermore, we are instructed to treasure my commands within you. To treasure wisdom implies that we should keep it in our hearts and minds after we have found it. Wisdom comes to us slowly, which is why it is treasured and kept. Once it is known, we ought to want to keep it for daily use.Artifacts from a bygone era are hidden throughout the house like treasure. Nobody questions the need to give stolen treasure back to its rightful owners or to the families of those who originally owned it.The legend of buried pirate treasure is, however, more fiction than fact. While there are a few instances of pirates burying their gold and silver to prevent it from being taken by other pirates or foreign governments, they were much more likely to spend their loot than to save it responsibly for the future.

Which treasure connotes love?

To treasure something is to hold onto or keep something that you adore and finds great value in your life. Synonym: Cherish. He is a friend I value greatly. When you value something you possess, you keep it or take special care of it because you find great pleasure in it and believe it to be very special. She holds dear the memories she has of those happy times. VERB noun] Synonyms include prize, value, worship, and esteem.

What is a sentence for a priceless treasure?

They are a priceless treasure that needs to be cherished and shielded from the effects of time. It was clear that this priceless artifact needed to be protected. There are still many hidden treasures out there that are just waiting to be found by a metal detector, shovel, or puzzle-solving mind, even though some have already been found.The hidden treasure was here, as she was aware of it. The house was enormous and filled with priceless works of art. She cherishes her memories of those happy times. His rock record collection is his greatest treasure.

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