What Is A Better Word For Use

What is a better word for use?

The words employ and utilize are common synonyms of use. While all three words mean to put into service especially to attain an end, use implies availing oneself of something as a means or instrument to an end.

What is another word of usage?

Some common synonyms of usage are custom, habit, practice, and wont. While all these words mean a way of acting fixed through repetition, usage suggests a customary action so generally followed that it has become a social norm.

What is a synonym for put to use?

Synonyms of put to use (verb use up) absorb. deplete. devour. dominate. drain.

What is a synonym for make use?

Synonyms of make use (verb work with; consume) accept. adopt. apply. control. employ.

What is antonym of use?

disuse nonuse
obsolescence obsoleteness
unemployment unuse
discontinuance neglect

Will put it to good use?

Employ to the best advantage, as in I’m sure this dictionary will be put to good use.

What is a synonym for the word called to?

On this page you’ll find 95 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to call to, such as: ask, beseech, implore, plead, pray, and solicit.

What is a synonym for put to work?

Synonyms of put to work (verb commission for responsibility, use) appoint. bring in. draft. employ.

Can I say make use of?

If you make use of something, you do something with it in order to do a job or achieve a particular result or effect.

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