What Does Being Reliance Mean

What does being reliance mean?

the state of depending on or trusting in something or someone: The region’s reliance on tourism is unwise. You place too much reliance on her ideas and expertise. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What is the correct meaning of the word reliance?

The word reliance is the noun form of the verb rely, which means to depend. Your reliance on the Internet for your information will be your undoing, if the power ever goes out. A person’s reliance on something is their dependence on it.

What is the synonym of reliance?

On this page you’ll find 33 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to reliance, such as: dependence, assurance, belief, credence, credit, and faith.

What does fully reliance mean?

uncountable noun. A person’s or thing’s reliance on something is the fact that they need it and often cannot live or work without it. …the country’s increasing reliance on foreign aid. [ + on] Synonyms: dependency, dependence, leaning More Synonyms of reliance.

What is self reliance in easy words?

Self-reliance is a quality of depending on yourself for things instead of relying on others. You might decide to prove your self-reliance by hiking the Appalachian Train on your own. When people have self-reliance, they are independent and autonomous — in other words, they take care of themselves.

What is the meaning of reliance in Oxford dictionary?

noun. /rɪˈlaɪəns/ [uncountable, singular] reliance (on/upon somebody/something) the state of needing someone or something in order to survive, be successful, etc.; the fact of being able to rely on someone or something synonym dependence AWL Collocations. heavily.

What is Reliance family?

Reliance demerger and family feud The Ambani family holds around 45% of the shares in RIL. Since its inception, the company was managed by its founder and chairman Dhirubhai Ambani. After suffering a stroke in 1986, he handed over the daily operations of the company to his sons Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani.

What is self reliance Oxford dictionary?

/ˌself rɪˈlaɪənt/ ​able to do or decide things by yourself, rather than depending on other people for help.

What is the difference between confidence and reliance?

Self-confidence is an important personality trait for a person to succeed in life. Self-confidence makes a person good and efficient in his/her line of work, self- reliance on the other hand means the ability to take care of oneself without any dependence or burden on others.

What is 3 synonyms?

  • set of three.
  • ternion.
  • three.
  • threesome.
  • trey.
  • triad.
  • triangle.
  • trilogy.

What are 5 good synonyms?

  • Excellent.
  • Favorable.
  • Marvelous.
  • Pleasant.
  • Satisfactory.
  • Superb.

What is a synonym for self reliance?

On this page you’ll find 28 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to self-reliance, such as: autonomy, self-determination, self-government, self-rule, self-sufficiency, and sovereignty.

What is reliance on a promise?

Within contract law, promissory estoppel refers to the doctrine that a party may recover on the basis of a promise made when the party’s reliance on that promise was reasonable, and the party attempting to recover detrimentally relied on the promise.

What is the motto of Reliance?

Our motto “Growth is Life” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of Reliance.

What does confident reliance mean?

noun. confident or trustful dependence. confidence.

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