What Are 5 Synonyms For Quick

What are 5 synonyms for quick?

  • swift.
  • willing.
  • immediate.
  • ready.
  • rapid.
  • responsive.
  • prompt.
  • expeditious.

What is a better word for very quick?

On this page you’ll find 64 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to quickly, such as: expeditiously, hastily, hurriedly, immediately, instantaneously, and instantly.

What is a better word for fast?

On this page you’ll find 305 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to fast, such as: agile, brisk, hot, nimble, quick, and rapid.

How do you say quick in a formal way?

Swift, the more formal word, suggests the greater speed: a fast train; a swift message. Rapid, less speedy than the others, applies to a rate of movement or action, and usually to a series of actions or movements, related or unrelated: rapid calculation; a rapid walker.

What is the opposite fast?

Slow- It refers to someone or something that moves at a low or relaxed speed. It is opposite in meaning to fast.

Is very fast an adjective?

Strictly speaking, fast is an adjective while quickly is an adverb. Fast refers to speed, and quickly refers to time. For example: ‘That car is very fast.

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