How To Pass Motorbike Theory Test

How to pass motorbike theory test?

For the multiple choice part of the test, it’s recommended to revise on key aspects such as The Highway Code, traffic signs, road markings and everyday driving scenarios. There is a specific section dedicate to rules for motorcyclists which is important for you to read and understand.

How many questions are in a motorcycle theory test?

In the test, there are 50 questions: you’ll need to get at least 43 correct to pass. You’ll have 57 minutes for this part of the test. The multiple choice questions appear on screen and you’ll use the mouse to choose the correct answer.

What is the best app for motorcycle theory test?

An app licensed by the DVSA, the Driving Theory Test 2020 app combines six apps in one. It covers car, motorcycle, LGV, PCV and ADI theory tests, as well as the hazard perception test.

How to pass theory test?

Study the rules of the road: Read up on traffic signs, potential hazards, and driving laws. Understanding the theory behind driving will help you make informed decisions while on the road. Practice regularly: Consistent practice is crucial for gaining confidence and developing your skills.

Is motorcycle theory easy?

The motorcycle theory test is arguably the more daunting part of the motorcycle test. You will have to rely on your skills of reading, common sense and comprehension.

How long is a motorcycle theory test?

You have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. Before the test starts you’ll get: instructions on how the test works. the chance to do a practice question to get used to the screens.

How long is theory test valid?

Two year rule. Theory test certificates are valid for two years from the date you passed. If you do not pass your practical test within this two year period, you will have to take another theory test.

How much is a 125cc motorbike?

No Bike Price
3 Yamaha R125 £5300
4 Lexmoto LXR125 £3100
5 Aprilia RX125 £3900
6 Sinnis 125 Terrain £3599

What questions are on a motorcycle theory test?

Question Topic
How should you give an arm signal to turn left? Road and traffic signs
How should you maintain cable-operated brakes? Safety and your motorcycle
How should you move off safely from a parked position? Alertness
How should you overtake a long, slow-moving vehicle on a busy road? Other types of vehicle

How long is a theory test?

The length of a driving theory test can vary very slightly depending on the speed at which you answer. In general, the theory test usually takes around 60 minutes to complete (including the hazard perception test). The test itself will consist of two parts for everyone taking it.

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