How Do You Use Condition Of Worth In A Sentence

How do you use condition of worth in a sentence?

Essentially, my conditions of worth are in conflict with my authentic Self. Another example might be if I feel upset about something and I am told that this thing should not upset me.

What is an example of a locus of evaluation?

Examples. In the therapy room, a common indication that someone is operating from an external locus of evaluation is that they use the word ‘should’ or ‘ought’. For example, a bereaved client might say: ‘It’s six months since my mum died. I should be feeling better by now.

What is unconditional positive regard and conditions of worth?

Unconditional positive regard reduces the need for approval from external sources as it gives a child a stable sense of worth. Giving unconditional positive regard is like a mindset. It’s about making your child feel accepted and loved as they are. It is the bedrock of solid self-esteem.

What are examples of introjected values?

Introjected values are evident when we say things like “should”, “ought” or “must”. By recognising these values are not true to ourselves and who we are, and that they originate from others, we can begin to change our thoughts and feelings about ourselves.

What is an example of worth in English?

worth adjective [not gradable] (MONEY) having a value in money of: They’re asking $10,000 for the car, but I don’t think it’s worth that much. It is an expensive restaurant, but for special occasions it’s worth it (= the value of what you get is equal to the money spent).

What is an example of worth or worthy?

“It is worth a million dollars.” It can be a noun. “What is the worth of the total investments of this investor?” “worthy” is an adjective. It doesn’t refer to wealth or money. It means someone or something has merited our respect, praise or honor.

What is a locus and examples?

The locus of points defines a shape in geometry. Suppose, a circle is the locus of all the points which are equidistant from the centre. Similarly, the other shapes such as an ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, etc. are defined by the locus of the points.

What is a simple example of locus of control?

For example, a person who loses a sports game may feel depressed or anxious if they have a strong internal locus of control. If this person thinks, I’m bad at sports and I don’t try hard enough, they might allow the loss to affect their self-image and feel stressed in future games.

What is an example of locus of control in real life?

For instance, when given a promotion, someone with an internal locus of control will think that the promotion was entirely deserved strictly for their hard work with the company. However, if they are denied a promotion, they will blame themselves and may take the news harder than others around them would have.

What is a positive condition of worth?

A condition of worth is acquired when the conditional regard of a significant other has been assimilated into one’s own self-regard complex, such that self-experience is valued positively or negatively solely because these conditions of worth have been taken over from others and not because the experience enhances or …

What do the conditions of worth derive from?

They are based on introjected values – that is, the values that we adopt from those around us, to enable us to gain their approval. Conditions of worth are a result of receiving conditional positive regard from others – i.e., from what we experience others wanting us to be and do in order to be seen by them as worthy.

Which is the best example of unconditional positive regard?

The easiest example of how to use unconditional positive regard is in the relationship between parents and their children. Good parents find it easy to show unconditional positive regard to their children: regardless of how they behave, what they do, or what they think, parents still love their children.

What is the rule for worth in grammar?

Worth and worthwhile are adjectives. Worth is only used after verbs such as be, seem, look (as a predicative adjective).

How do you use worth in grammar?

Worth usually follows the verb to be and is often used with a preparatory it. It can then be followed by an -ing clause: It was definitely worth making the effort to watch this documentary.

What is worth used for?

good or important enough to justify (what is specified): advice worth taking;a place worth visiting. having a value of, or equal in value to, as in money: This vase is worth 12 dollars.

What preposition is used with worth?

The word ‘worth’ is used both as a noun and an adjective, but in both cases, it refers to ‘value’. In the case of an adjective, it is followed by the preposition ‘of’. It means having qualities that deserve any recognition or action. We use the preposition ‘of’ after some specific adjectives and verbs.

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