How Do I Facilitate A Workshop

How do I facilitate a workshop?

  1. Get to know the participants. Whether you’re acting as an external consultant or organizing an in-house workshop, the very first thing you should do is to focus on the people. …
  2. Define the purpose. …
  3. Set a clear goal. …
  4. Plan for more than just the day. …
  5. Prepare for the unexpected.

How do I start a facilitation session?

  1. Begin your meetings with a quick check-in.
  2. Review desired outcomes and agenda items.
  3. Assign meeting roles.
  4. Practice active listening.
  5. Synthesize the main themes to reframe the conversation.
  6. Pause and allow for reflection. …
  7. Encourage and balance participation.

What are the 6 P’s of facilitation?

elements to gain a clear understanding of what is to be done and how. In fact, it is important to decide the six Ps in order: purpose, product, participants, probable issues, process, and place.

What is the role of a workshop facilitator?

Your task as a facilitator is to align the team’s goals with the right sort of exercises and fitting workshop processes. This also involves selecting the right tools, defining the workshop team set-up, and creating a schedule that will help you reach your end goal without overwhelming the workshop participants.

How do you lead a workshop session?

  1. Consider your topic. …
  2. Consider your audience. …
  3. Consider the workshop size. …
  4. Consider the time available. …
  5. Vary activities. …
  6. Vary the seriousness of the material. …
  7. Plan a break. …
  8. Participants need time to talk and connect with one another.

What is the best way to facilitate?

  1. Plan Your Structure. An open, well-facilitated discussion could be the simplest option for your group. …
  2. Create an Agenda. A solid agenda focuses on outcomes and lets the event flow. …
  3. Guide and Control the Event. …
  4. Reflect and Improve.

What are the 7 P’s of facilitation?

The Eight Ps for effective facilitation planning and preparation are: perspective, purpose, people, product, place, process, practice, and personal preparation.

What should a facilitator say?

Facilitators use the art of questioning or asking, rather than telling, to encourage group members to come up with their own ideas. If the group is unable to come up with ideas the facilitator will only throw out suggestions to stimulate further ideas.

What is the introduction of facilitation?

Facilitation is a process of enabling groups to work cooperatively and effectively together and which emphasises the involvement of all participants in a meaningful way.

What are the 4 basic facilitation skills?

They are (1) active listening, (2) awareness of others and their behavior, (3) “how to” provide a structured thought process, and(4) “how to” move others to consensus.

What are facilitation skills?

Facilitation skills are the abilities you need in order to master working with a group. In essence, facilitation is about being aware of what happens when people get together to achieve a common goal, and directing their focus and attention in ways that serve the group itself.

What are the 3 facilitation stages?

  • Assessment and design.
  • Feedback and refinement.
  • Final preparation.
  • Starting a facilitation.
  • During a facilitation.
  • Ending a facilitation.
  • Following up on a facilitation.

What is the best way to structure a workshop?

  1. Define Your Workshop’s Purpose and Goals. Workshop success is directly linked to planning, starting with setting clear goals. …
  2. Determine Your Target Audience. …
  3. Choose a Location and Date. …
  4. Plan the Workshop Activities and Agenda. …
  5. Promote the Workshop and Manage Registrations.

What is the best way to organize a workshop?

Optimize Storage Solutions Invest in efficient storage solutions to make the most of your workshop space. Wall-mounted pegboards or tool racks are excellent choices for organizing frequently used hand tools. Utilize drawer organizers and dividers to separate small parts and accessories.

What are the three basic principles of facilitation?

  • A facilitator is a guide to help people move through a process together, not the seat of wisdom and knowledge. …
  • Facilitation focuses on how people participate in the process of learning or planning, not just on what gets achieved.
  • A facilitator is neutral and never takes sides.

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